the electrical equipment
you need.

We design and manufacture.


For electrical measurement and safety.

Highest level of quality

Equipment tested and calibrated following the highest standards.

Wide range

Multimeters, current clamps, wiring testers, environmental meters ...

Domestic and professional use

Equipment designed for use in domestic and professional environments.

About us

C-LOGIC is a brand of MGL. We are a worldwide group of companies. Alongside this global vision our business is based on a strategic understanding of each individual market. This enables us to work closely with customers at a local level and adapt to each unique set of requirements.

At MGL we know that only when you are close to your customers it is possible to build a strong relationship and a good understanding with them. Direct contact, technical advice and after-sales service are very important for us, and for this reason we place so much importance in supporting all our offices around the world.

Think global, act local.

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